We pass your evaluation

Let Our Professional Traders Pass And Manage Your Prop Firm Account.

90% of Traders Fail the Challenge

According to FTMO, only 10% of people who try their challenges actually pass them. We know how hard it is to pass prop firm challenges. The odds are not in your favor and the rules make it very hard for most traders to make any progress. That’s why we hand-picked the best traders in the industry to pass your challenge so you can start trading on your funded account without worrying about rules. Once we pass your challenge you can continue working with us and let us manage your funded account for a small profit share or you can take over and continue trading by yourself.

A Few of Our Clients

We have passed over +1,000 evaluations from 20+ prop firms!

What prop firms can we work with?

We can pass funding challenges from any prop firm! Here are a few we recommend:

How long does it take to pass the challenge?

It takes on average 20 days per phase. Obviously, everything will depend on the market conditions.

Can I still place trades on my account?

Upon handing your account to us for the passing of the challenge, all manual trading by the client is strictly prohibited as this will result in an immediate violation of our rules and agreement.

What is your success rate?

We have a high success rate of 95%. We have an entire team of professional traders that can pass any challenge without failing any of the rules of the prop firm.

What is your guarantee?

If we fail your challenge you will get a completely free retry! This is however rarely the case and it’s mostly caused due to unforseen market conditions.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us on WhatsApp: PassPropFirm


Buy your challenge

Choose the Prop Firm of your choice and purchase your challenge directly from the company's website.


Pay our fee

Purchase the one-time fee from our website. After the payment is complete our manager will contact you to request the necessary information to ge started.


Follow the progress

Send us your credentials to get started and track progress in real time on your MT4 app and Prop Firm dashboard.

Customer Reviews

Jason C.

“They have passed my 100k challenge like it was nothing.. I’m also using their account management service for a 40% profit split. It’s literally passive income for me.”


“I was skeptical at first but took my chance because they charge a lot less than the other services, so it wasn’t a big risk in terms of monetary loss if they were scammers. I have to say that is well worth it and they are definitely trustworthy! They already passed 2 of my 50k challenge accounts and I purchased a 3rd one that they are now working on. Customer service is also very helpful!!”

Rehan C.

“I have spent well over $1,000 on failed challenges till I worked with these guys. They passed my 100k account with ease. Their service fee is highly undervalued. It’s a no-brainer for me. Thanks a lot!”